Word Feast 2020

Word Feast 2020 (Day 2) – Enduring Relevance by Pastor Pastor Mrs. Funke Laditi

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• Lasting relevance: To remain useful over a long period of time.

• Relevance as children of God means to be fit for purpose

• If you are looking for lasting relevance, you must align yourself with God’s kingdom agenda – Salvation of soul. John 3:16

* We draw our context from a different paradigm. Our paradigm is the mind of God and what’s on God’s mind? EVANGELISM. (Salvation of souls)

* Principles of Lasting Relevance: 1. Definition of context. 2. Relationship with the Holy Spirit (Divine guidance). 3. Obedience 4. Soul transformation

* If you are going to have lasting relevance, your mind will be prone to attacks, which is why it must be renewed from time to time.

* The more God can trust you, the more He will bless you.

* You demonstrate your love for God by your Obedience.

* The gap between great intention and righteous action is a limitation in the mind.

* If you are going to have lasting relevance, the instruction God will give you will push you outside your comfort zone.

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Lasting Relevance with Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Word Feast 2020 (Day 1) – Lasting Relevance by Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

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Word Feast 2020 – Day 1 (29th May)

Topic: Lasting Relevance with

Speaker: Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

The 2020 Word Feast Day 1 started with a power-packed word from our very own Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo.

Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo explained in detail with reference to the word of God how everyone can remain relevant even in these critical times.

Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo emphasized the importance of sowing,  the various forms of sowing, and the negative effect of not sowing.

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