Graced for Glory – Pastor Dare Akinbanjo

By June 6, 2021sermons

Text: Ephesians2:6-8

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Intro: The announcement of Jer1:4-5 must necessarily require a process having been initiated by God as an eternal work II Tim 1:9

So, we simply begin to live in the full potential of the call of grace over our lives when we receive Jesus as our Lord
and Savior.

This however does not mean that we have not been exhibiting this unmerited endowment,even before we met the Lord Jesus.

This is why we want to consider the idea of being graced for glory.

3 vital truths about GRACE

(1) Grace is a free endowment by God for His sole purpose Gal.11:15-16a

2) Grace, though free to us, come at a cost to God. That’s why it’s! God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense- John 3:16-17;

So, 2 Cor 5:21KJV

(3) Grace is not a call to disorderliness or unrighteousness Rom. 6:1-2&23

But for the glory to show forth from grace, the carrier must be Polished (take the heat, the punch and the knocks) IICor 4:7-14.

Are you willing to carry God’s glory?

Then, be ready for polishing!


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