Tips For Choosing Life Partners – Pastor Dare Akinbanjo (25.10.20)

By October 25, 2020sermons

Topic: Tips For Choosing Life Partners

Text: TEXT: AMOS 3:3 PROV. 18:20, PROV. 20:6

Anchor: Pastor Dare Akinbanjo


There are categories of relationships and there are levels of relationship. Everyone is connected in one way or the other.

1. To find, you must be searchable. To be reached, you must also be reachable. To be found you must be findable.
2. To be chased you must be chaste(valuable)because every chaser must find value for effort.
3. Love is fundamental but not the only essential.
4. Character sells like gold but lack of it makes beauty lie in vanity.
5. Even a fool can be beautiful but no one is ever full of good character who is not beautiful.

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