Word Feast 2020 (Day 2) – Enduring Relevance by Pastor Pastor Mrs. Funke Laditi

By June 1, 2020sermons, Word Feast 2020

• Lasting relevance: To remain useful over a long period of time.

• Relevance as children of God means to be fit for purpose

• If you are looking for lasting relevance, you must align yourself with God’s kingdom agenda – Salvation of soul. John 3:16

* We draw our context from a different paradigm. Our paradigm is the mind of God and what’s on God’s mind? EVANGELISM. (Salvation of souls)

* Principles of Lasting Relevance: 1. Definition of context. 2. Relationship with the Holy Spirit (Divine guidance). 3. Obedience 4. Soul transformation

* If you are going to have lasting relevance, your mind will be prone to attacks, which is why it must be renewed from time to time.

* The more God can trust you, the more He will bless you.

* You demonstrate your love for God by your Obedience.

* The gap between great intention and righteous action is a limitation in the mind.

* If you are going to have lasting relevance, the instruction God will give you will push you outside your comfort zone.

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