The Sanctity Of The Word

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Daily Supplement For a Closer Walk

Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. John 17:17

Water is needed by all forms of life in order to perform all forms of functions. The human body is said to be 60-70% per cent water and the water is used in lubricating and cleaning several systems in the body. Water is so crucial that the functioning of Planet Earth depends on it. Any planet or space without water cannot sustain human life. Water is absolutely vital to life.

As water is to human existence and to the quality of life so is the Word of God to the spiritual well-being of any human. Your body needs water to survive while your spirit needs the word of God not only to survive but to thrive. With natural water, you need to remove impurities by a process called distillation. This is where the major difference is. The true Word of God has no impurities, because it has its origin in God. God’s word is pure. It comes sanctified out of its source and carries the power to sanctify or cleanse spiritual impurities.

Mankind is subject to many impurities, some coming from his adamic nature and some by reason of the grossly filthy and corrupt environment he lives in. Through what the eyes see and what the ears hear, and also through what flows into the mind, many impurities can come. All of the impurities cannot stand the purifying power of God’s word. Impurities of fear, doubt, discouragement, despair and lusts will be dealt with once a good dose of God’s word is allowed to flow into the heart and into the mind.

We are so blessed to have the Word of God. We are so blessed to have something that flows from God and that carries God’s kind of sanctity. Hence the prayer by our Lord Jesus Christ to His Father – sanctify them by Your truth, Your truth with all its sanctity!

Go to God for His Word. Be thirsty for the truth that quenches the thirst of your spirit man. Filling yourself with God’s truth amounts to filling yourself with its sanctity. Study and meditate on God’s Word and let that become a die-hard habit. Such spiritual exercise is just so essential to keep your minds and hearts. For your sanity and sanctity in this sinful world, drink good volumes of the water of God’s Word on daily basis.

Prayer – Lord, re-kindle my appetite and love for Your blessed word. Amen.

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