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pastor dare akinbanjo

Gauge The Distance – Pastor Dare Akinbanjo (27.01.2019)

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INTRO: 1Cor. 9:24-27; Luke 14: 28-33

Life’s race is not a 100 meters dash but a timeless distance. If you must finish, you need to always fortify yourself along the way; 2019 may have a distance of 12months and about 52weeks but believe me one month is gone along with 4weeks. Shocking aren’t it?

Friends, it’s time to wake up, the tomorrow you prayed about yesterday is here as today. If you want to accelerate, your calculations must be right along with the timing. Speed must match commensurate efforts considering the distance you’re about to cover.

Setting up:

Re-evaluation of last 4weeks

  1. What have I done newly?
  2. What have I done well enough?
  3. What’s my new short coming?

Looking forward

  • Re-strategize
  • Any new book to read?
  • Any new tapes to listen to or course to attend?
  • If your job is not tasking, your mind then it is sacking your life.
  • What have you done to that new idea of yours?


If I ever see further, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

  • Task your mind: develop a thinking corner, pattern & time. Prov. 23:7
  • Your position determine your allocation
  • (Israel was in Goshen land of plenty but Egypt was in lack and want)
  • (Israel had light but Egypt was in darkness)
  • Check with God and ask Lord,what’s going on? Do I need a change of job, department or business?

Finally, keep God ahead of you.

Psalm 16:8 – The Lord always before me.

  • Don’t ever start what God has not finished. Don’t start what you didn’t get from God.

Remember “A million steps in the wrong direction is not comparable to one step in the right direction.

Seek divine guidance!

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Accelerate – Pastor Johnson Olawuni (13-01-19) Second Service

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Topic: #Accelerate
Text: 1King 18:41-46.

To Accelerate means –
■To move beyond the norm
■To break and set records
■To fly higher. ●For every LIGHT, there is a FLIGHT. ●For every ACCELERATION there is a REVELATION. ●Life is a race, without grace you can’t win your race. ●Life is a RACE, for every race, there is a GRACE.

To Accelerate, you need
1. God
2. Grace
3. Divine Strength
4. Faith

To Accelerate, you must
1. Plan
2. Prepare
3. Pursue
4. Pray

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First Sunday Of the Year 2019 – Pastor Dare Akinbanjo

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Preacher : Pastor Dare Akinbanjo @lawyerkunle

Bible Text: Exodus 6:1-13 ;1 Kings 18:41-46 , 2 Corinthians 9:8

Theme of the Month: #Acceleration

This year is our Year of “His All Sufficiency”. Your idea of God limits your perception of God.
And your perception determines your possession.

If you don’t know what you can get from Him; then you don’t get it; your perception of God will limit what you get from Him this year. Exodus 7:1

Your perception will determine your possession this 2019

We pray this year the Lord reveals to you what you can get from Him.

There is more you can get from God; i urge you to see God this year in that perception.

Daniel 11: 32; It is your knowledge of God that determines the height you will get. This cut across financing, relationship etc.

How to take responsibility this year
1. Position yourself : positioning is vital; there is somebody who knows what you don’t know which boils down to humility.

2. Forget your Experience
Philippians 3:12-14.

3. Embrace timely divine instruction: Brethren stay within His instruction
Proverbs 21: 16.

4. Strengthen yourself with right company; find people who strengthen your result to become something in life
Proverbs 13:20.