Moving The Hand Of God Prayerfully – Pastor. Busayo Popoola (11-10-18) Second Service)

By November 25, 2018sermons

Topic: Moving The Hand Of God Prayerfully

Theme: Moving The Hand Of God

Text: 2 Chronicles 7:14 & Mark 11:22

Prayer: You shall not loose your glory in Jesus name.

●As from today, the almighty God is incharge of your life. Therefore, what has not been planted in your body by God shall be removed in Jesus name.

●When the hand of God move for you,every other things/circumstances shall bow.

●When we are talking about the hand of God. We are talking about the power of God. The hand of God is cable of reversing the irreversible in your life.

●God’s word beats science.

●In the journey of life, the hand of God follows you. As long as God is with you, therefore you cannot be stranded. ●Luke 7:12 – The only son of a widow died. Then the hand of God touched the coffin of the dead boy and the dead boy became alive.

●As from today every condolence register prepared for you or any member of your family, shall be destroyed by the hand of God.

●John 5:5 – There was a certain man whom had an infirmity for 38years. When the had of God located him, He said to him rise, take up thy bed and walk. Immediately, he was made whole.
Every beast that is eating your best. Today, they will die by fire. Every form of illness that has ridiculed you shall vanish from your life in Jesus name.

●If you want the hand of God to work for you, you must cooperate with God. By being His own and giving your life to Him alone.

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